Lipstick, all-round make-up!

Girl wearing pink lipstick purple hair and fuchsia lipstick lipstick on cheeks

Lipstick is such a versatile product and is my go to product for all around the face. I love creamy textures on the skin and I find that powdery textures can look drying and if not blended correctly, can look like…well…make-up.

Lipsticks blend into the skin so easily and are appropriate for any age and is always fresh, dewy, young and radiant looking.

Use lipstick on your lips over a lip balm, rub them together, and therefore have a tinted balm. But if you want a full pigment bold look, then pop the lipstick on its own.

Lip stick is probably my favourite on the cheeks as it so easy to use. It looks most natural and also tones down that matte and dull foundation look. Powder blusher can almost look 2 dimensional sometimes. But lipsticks or cream blusher dances up and down your cheeks looking as if you are glowing from the inside out. You can even use a shiny light-ivory or shiny light-pink shade onto of your cheekbones as a hi-lighter.

I often use lipsticks as a cream eyeshadow. Either keeping it light and dewy for a ultra-natural look, or under a powder eyeshadow for more impact. Its also great as a transition colour because you can blend some seriously bold colours seemingly.


You know what I am loving at the moment?!

Dusty pink or dusty apricot on my lips, cheeks and a wash over my whole lid. Then I take a powder hi lighter and dust it over the top of my cheeks and with the same big blusher brush-over my eyes. It looks so sweet and healthy! Its my day look for a while now.

It blends perfectly on the lid if you are needing a pop of more colour and stay. You see, it acts as a lid primer. Any cream followed by a powder will give you way longer wear and way more colour vibrancy.

Ive even used a brown on eyebrows before…seriously, the stuff is awesome!!

Trick is to find a great a great selection that compliments your skin tone, and they don’t have to be expensive. This is probably the only time ill ever say this in my whole life…but get quantity over quality!

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