Lee Pearson

make-up and hair artist

Lee is a talented Make-up and hair artist at KISS & MAKE-UP. With years of experience and knowledge, she is a well of wisdom and a great joy to be around.

She is also the craziest, happiest and most creative person I’ve ever met! Lee is ALWAYS excited about anything and everything make-up! She knows all the in’s and out about make-up products and trends, always soaking up make-up info all day, every day!

Lee not only rocks make-up and hair but is always finding herself “creating” even in the middle of the night! She’s either sewing or drawing or knitting or something totally impossible for any average person to make with their bare hands!

Lee has style and vision, and has picture clients in all sorts of ways before even touching their face with a brush. She has excitement beyond what she can contain and it all just comes beaming out of her in every way possible.

Lee has an eye for detail, and feels a little goes a long way and her speciality is to make ANYTHING and anyone look amazing!

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