Our professional Hair stylist- Caroline

Caroline is our hair stylist genius, having trained in 2017, she completed her studies and joined KISS & MAKE-UP. How lucky are we to have such an amazing woman and hair stylist part of the team!

Caroline is originally from Zim, Her and her mother own an orphanage there as they saw such a great need in the community and says that her and her mom make a great team there, as her mom is the brains of the business, and Caroline is the heart. She has such patience, love and understanding for people. She often goes back to Zim taking all sorts of gifts and stationary back for the children.

Caroline has a great passion and is trained in every type of hair including weaves, wigs, extensions and ethnic hair.

Caroline excels with soft romantic up styles and elegant down styles that last all day. Finishing each style with such perfection.

Having worked on numerous weddings, events and shoots, Caroline has proven herself capable of any job and can tackle anything with great patience and calm.

Caroline has a natural feeling with hair. Her styles never look messy, over sprayed or overdone. Her touch is light but secure, natural and polished.

She is an absolute joy to be around and enjoys people greatly. Caroline is happily married to Eddy and together they have three beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl.

Their family lives in Durban north where they pastor a church together from their home.

Her skills include nails, brow shaping and she is currently studying make-up. She encourages woman and will go out of her way to give over and beyond, leaving each client happy, peaceful and looking gorgeous.