Bridal body art

Ive always loved the way bridal mehndi looks on eastern brides, the intricate designs and details and it lasts 1-4 weeks, but it usually looks fresh for about a week and fades after that. But if you don’t like the dark reddish tones usually used, then fret not…it has evolved.

Bridal body art can be done in Gold, Silver or white has to be one of my favourite looks for that Bo-ho inspired bride. These colours look best on Medium, rich and darker skin tones, Very pale skin won’t have that much impact unfortunately.



White henna will stay on the skin and stain it from 3 to 10 days depending on how well the person takes care of it. This usually takes a few hours for application, depending on what you want, and you must leave it on a minimum of 1 hour but overnight is best.

But if you don’t want it to stain, Why not airbrush it on, Paint it on or even stick it on.




Airbrush make-up is fast drying, quick to do and can seamlessly fade if you need a blend.

This would require a stencil though – this way you can get it super symmetrical. I do recommend an alcohol based paint as these are pretty much iron-clad and won’t go anywhere which is great for bridal parties.



Okay I also cringe a little when I hear body paint, but times have changed. You get gorgeous tones that won’t crack or flake off and with the right application, these too last for hours. You get alcohol based paints too that will only come off with a special type of cleanser. I recommend using a stencil.



Call me old-fashioned, what ever! these are amazing! okay, they only look good for a day, then the next day half of it is missing in your bed. But a day is all you really need!! Whats great is that you don’t have to stress about smudging in any way. Next day, scrub it off with some coconut oil and its gone…red…but gone.


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