Best wedding hairstyle for long hair

This is by far the best wedding hairstyle for long hair.

This for me is one of the smartest hairstyles for ladies with long hair that want a down hairstyle, But feel like their hair is too long, will flop or won’t hold a curl.

This hairstyle literally is pinned the whole way down, holding each curl up and giving the entire style support. It does not move the whole day and night and it looks soft and romantic at the same time!

This long hairstyle adds a great deal of body and volume too because of all the hidden pins keeping each curl rounded. And whats also great, is that you can do quite a few versions of this hairstyle making it perfect for any type of wedding. A loose giant braid, a vikings type style, a bohemian look with loads of wispy bits loose, a glamorous clean look, a soft romantic look and the list goes on and on!

Add flowers the way down like this soft romantic feel above or do a polished neater look with diamanté clips like below. One could even twine in some long ribbons or braid in a necklace type hair piece for extra amazingness!

Another version is like this glamorous long hairstyle below, we added loads of curls on top creating height and length!

There really are many options available with this look. It gives you the feeling and appearance of a down hairstyle, but the security and control of an up hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a must for brides with long hair, flat hair, silky hair, stubborn hair or any hair! Its just so beautiful! This hairstyle is also the kind of style that you could take out for reception, and have wonderful loose curls without clip dents from an actual up style.

It looks fabulous on the one side over the shoulder too! There is no end to this style.


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Lipstick, all-round make-up!


Lipstick is such a versatile product and is my go to product for all around the face! I love creamy textures on the skin and I find that powdery textures can look drying and if not blended correctly, can look like…well…make-up! Lipsticks blend into the skin so easily and are appropriate for any age and is always fresh, dewy, young and radiant looking!

Use lipstick on your lips over a lip balm, rub them together, and therefore have a tinted balm, But if you want a full pigment bold look, then pop the lipstick on its own.

Lip stick is probably my favourite on the cheeks as it so easy to use, it looks most natural and also tones down that matte and dull foundation look. Powder blusher can almost look 2 dimensional sometimes, but lipsticks or cream blusher dances up and down your cheeks looking as if you are glowing from the inside out. You can even use a shiny light-ivory or shiny light-pink shade onto of your cheekbones as a hi-lighter.

I often use lipsticks as a cream eyeshadow, Either keeping it light and dewy for a ultra-natural look, or under a powder eyeshadow for more impact! Its also great as a transition colour because you can blend some seriously bold colours seemingly.

You know what I am loving at the moment?!…dusty pink or dusty apricot on my lips, cheeks and a wash over my whole lid, Then I take a powder hi lighter and dust it over the top of my cheeks and with the same big blusher brush-over my eyes! It looks so sweet and healthy! Its my day look for a while now!

It blends perfectly on the lid if you are needing a pop of more colour and stay, you see, it acts as a lid primer, any cream followed by a powder will give you way longer wear and way more colour vibrancy.

Ive even used a brown on eyebrows before…seriously, the stuff is awesome!!

Trick is to find a great a great selection that compliments your skin tone, and they don’t have to be expensive! This is probably the only time ill ever say this in my whole life…but get quantity over quality!


Pin-point concealer

How to conceal like a pro:

13537554_1399783580036983_1152087710792560925_n  Alexa&Dean-18

Pin-point concealer is my favourite form of “foundation”, It’s the most natural look on the skin. Im just going to say it…Skin always looks better than foundation! It just does! But sometimes we have a few minor imperfections that need some attention. This technique is the technique I personally use on a daily basis, sometimes I use it on its own, or sometimes combined with a sheer foundation for an even more policed look.

What it is: Pin-point concealing is when you take a tiny brush and perfectly “dot” concealers on an imperfection until it has covered over it, blending it into the majority of your surrounding natural skin.

This way, your skin looks like there is no make-up on it what so ever but you are left with a healthy, even natural finish.

What you need: 2-3 Brushes: A small pin-point brush, a medium concealer brush for under the eyes and larger blemished patches on the skin and a medium fluffier brush to “buff” the edges into the skin, You need a great concealer (I preferrer a cream based concealer as apposed to a liquid or stay fast one) But what ever you do choose, make sure it is full coverage. If you want an extra bit of polish, a sheer foundation before any concealer is great! I also use a colour corrector now and again when my skin requires it, but this is optional. You will also need some loose translucent powder to set the work and flatten any textures.

Where to put it: concealing under the eyes is a must, next to the nose (inner corner of the eyes) where there is any darker blue tones (for this you would use a yellow / pink or orange colour corrector and then your skin toned concealer over) You would conceal over any pigmentation that is distracting especially pigmentation around the eyes (as this type of pigmentation makes one look tired) Also pin-point conceal over any pimples / redness you may have (often around the chin or mouth area)

DO’S: This look is best with a cream blusher and cream eyeshadows, Slightly enhanced brows (but not extreme as this look is supposed to look like you have woken up looking perfect) and balmy looking bitten lips.

DONT’S: Don’t get the concealer colour wrong, as this can look very bad! Don’t use light-reflecting concealers as this will flash back as little dots over your face, Don’t use a shade that is too light as it does the same as light-reflecting ones, Don’t use a concealer that is too dark as this just looks like you have dark dots everywhere.

I generally have 2 different cream concealers, one light that blends into my chin and around my mouth perfectly, then a darker one on my cheeks and forehead as the top part of my face is naturally a bit darker than my lower half of my face, then I generally mix the two for under my eyes.

This particular look is AMAZING on freckles skin, mature skin and teenagers.

Airbrush make-up

What is airbrush make-up?

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Airbrush make-up is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very natural flawless appearance. Because it’s such a fine mist your true skin tone shows through which makes it so natural.

Airbrush foundation is high in coverage, but thin in texture, It is as natural as you want with unbelievable coverage! It lays on top of your skin and fills in any flaws, instead of accentuating them.Its gives you a velvety matte pore-less finish so you never look shiny.

Airbrush make-up is silicone based, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It’s also sanitary – more so than using sponges or other make-up applicators that germs can be attracted to.

Its great on Textured skins, Acne, Wrinkles, Open pores, pigmentation, scars, bruising, blemishes, tattoos, rosacea, burns and even psoriasis and doesn’t need powdering or touching up. Airbrushing holds up extremely well to humid conditions and is waterproof and lasts until you wash your face. It’s never a heavy or cakey finish or texture.

Your makeup will stand up to sweat, tears, hugs and all the kisses in between.
Airbrushing allows the skin to breath so it feels like your not wearing any makeup at all and gives you the “no makeup” look.

The last thing you need to worry about is your make-up wearing off on your wedding day. Airbrush make-up will last until you wash your face. So you can do as much cheek to cheek dancing as you’d like without worrying about your make-up rubbing off.

Because of these characteristics, it is recommended for brides and other active individuals. Film and television make-up artists have been airbrushing for over a decade. Because of its flawless finish, it is the only technique used with high definition television.