Best wedding hairstyle for long hair

This is by far the best wedding hairstyle for long hair.

This for me is one of the smartest hairstyles for ladies with long hair that want a down hairstyle, But feel like their hair is too long, will flop or won’t hold a curl.

This hairstyle literally is pinned the whole way down, holding each curl up and giving the entire style support. It does not move the whole day and night and it looks soft and romantic at the same time!

This long hairstyle adds a great deal of body and volume too because of all the hidden pins keeping each curl rounded. And whats also great, is that you can do quite a few versions of this hairstyle making it perfect for any type of wedding. A loose giant braid, a vikings type style, a bohemian look with loads of wispy bits loose, a glamorous clean look, a soft romantic look and the list goes on and on!

Add flowers the way down like this soft romantic feel above or do a polished neater look with diamanté clips like below. One could even twine in some long ribbons or braid in a necklace type hair piece for extra amazingness!

Another version is like this glamorous long hairstyle below, we added loads of curls on top creating height and length!

There really are many options available with this look. It gives you the feeling and appearance of a down hairstyle, but the security and control of an up hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a must for brides with long hair, flat hair, silky hair, stubborn hair or any hair! Its just so beautiful! This hairstyle is also the kind of style that you could take out for reception, and have wonderful loose curls without clip dents from an actual up style.

It looks fabulous on the one side over the shoulder too! There is no end to this style.


All images by KISS & MAKE-UP